Recipe: Grilled Tuna with Balsamic Glaze

This recipe is a recent discovery. I’ve only made it once or twice but honestly it was love at first bite! Tuna is a favourite fish of mine, not the canned type, but fresh thick steaks which I like best cooked medium rare so that they are still pink in the middle. Regardless of how you like your fish cooked, this dish is absolutely delicious - healthy, fresh and bright. Do yourself a favour and give it a try. This is a great one for those upcoming warmer months!

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Recipe: Quinoa Tabbouleh with Paprika Chicken

This recipe is an old favourite in my family. I’ve recently rediscovered this delicious and healthy meal so I couldn’t wait to share it with you! The recipe has evolved over time, to include additional vegetables, and depending what I’ve had in the fridge at the time of making I’ve also used avocado in place of the yoghurt or changed up the herbs.

Quinoa is a delicious gluten-free substitute for burghul wheat that is traditionally used in tabbouleh. We actually now prefer tabbouleh when made with quinoa so I recommend giving this a try if you aren’t a fan of the classic version! You can also tailor the amount of herbs used to your personal taste.

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Recipe: Classic Champagne Cocktail

At my place, we love making our own cocktails; you can make them to your own taste, it’s a great bit of decadence at home plus it’s great fun! I thought I’d introduce something new here on my blog and share some of my favourites with you. Here is a super easy one to get us started, called the Classic Champagne Cocktail. These spritzy delights are made special with sugar drops, which are a super easy combination of sugar and Angostura Bitters. Your guests will think you’re an extraordinary host when you serve these at your next dinner party.

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